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Cradle Roll Lesson Series

By Barbara Hanna


There are two lesson series with nine months of curriculum in each book/CD/download. There is a flip chart for each month.

Topics for RWS-CR #401, Old Testament Cradle Roll Lessons are:
Quarter 1: God’s Word, Creation, Noah’s Ark
Quarter 2: Moses, Ten Commandments, David
Quarter 3: David’s Psalm 23 (Good Shepherd), Daniel, Jonah

Topics for RWS-CR #402, New Testament Cradle Roll Lessons are:
Quarter 1: Baby Jesus, Fishers of Men, Miracles of Jesus
Quarter 2: Christ’s Church, Sing, Pray
Quarter 3: Love and Obey God, Love and Obey Parents, A Helper I Will BEE

I taught these lessons to my own Cradle Roll class and wrote some original songs, with the tunes being those teachers should know like "Jesus Loves Me" or "Mary Had a Little Lamb."
The teachers’ flip charts are to be printed on cover stock and then cut in half so it ends up being 5 1/2 across and 8 1/2 tall. The teacher is to punch holes it the top left corner and insert a loose - leaf ring through all the pages. One can be printed for each helper.

Each week I have provided a coloring page that can be used as a visual aid and/or as a coloring page (on cover stock for durability) if the babies are old enough to hold crayons (about 1 yr. or older). Stickers may be applied to each page, which my students have really enjoyed. When the babies are one year or older they can color pretty well by themselves (scribble). The parents love to see the work and know what has been covered in class.

The Teachers' Instructions suggest various plastic animals, “Little People,” and other inexpensive toys that could be placed in each child's box. I bought a Bible with hard pages (from Wal-Mart) for each box and we sing some songs where the child pats the Bible. Most of the lessons covered are in the Bible storybook.

I have used a lot of repetition. Each month I repeat some of the songs and add some new ones. So there is continuity, but not the exact same thing. As the babies grow, they learn to look forward to putting the “Little People” in the toy church building (made from a toy house or shoe boxes). At the end of class each baby gets his or her children out of the church building and they are placed in the box for the next class. Songs are used when putting the children in and also when taking them out of the church building. Babies love it!

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