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Hanna Publications publishes books, CDs and downloadable material for all ages. 


Reproducible Cradle Roll Curriculum, By Barbara Hanna 

Hanna Publications has created curriculum for the Cradle Roll Class, which is generally from six months to two years of age.   Each book has nine months of curriculum.  RWS #401 covers the OT.  RWS #402 will cover the NT.  There is a flip chart to be printed for each month, many original songs, toy suggestions for the babies and much more.  Repetition creates continuity, while new songs offer a variety in topics. 

Reproducible Work Sheets for Preschoolers

Hanna Publications has published twelve books/CDs/Downloads for age two through kindergarten or first grade. Five more CDs/Downloads with Old Testament Topics will be added.   All are adaptable for a multi-age classroom, or may be used in a class with only one age level.  There are 13 lessons in each one, with a variety of activities such as: coloring, gluing, mazes, circle the picture answer, match the pictures, sequencing, search and find and much more.  All activities emphasize the theme of the lesson.  Modern application is evident in all of the books, while teaching children in-depth Bible thoughts in language simple for them to understand.  All three authors are faithful members of the churches of Christ.

Learning Memory Verses

Parents and Bible teachers will be excited about the addition of aids to help children learn memory verses.  We should all hide God's Word in our hearts!  The Bible teachers who created these used them in their own classrooms and know they are effective. 

Children's Reproducible Coloring Book, by Malissa J. Sansom

Best Behavior Books for Preschoolers, by B. Hanna
Reproducible Work Sheets for Grades 1-8,
       by Barbara Hanna, Lisa Smith  and John K. Wills
Books, CDs, and Downloadable files

There are ten NT lesson series for grades 1-4 or grades 1-6 written by Barbara Hanna and Lisa Smith. Lisa has added new activities to several of the older books. In some cases she has revised the lesson text, also. Those that have been published in books as well as CDs and downloads are: RWS #2, According to God's Pattern; RWS #3, Developing Christian Character; and RWS #8, Understanding Bible Words, Part 2 (studying about the meaning of leading a Christian life).

Two have been revised only on the CDs and downloads: RWS #4, The Kingdom is the Church; and RWS #5, The Kingdom Parables. The unrevised books are still available.

The OT series has lessons and activities for grades 1-4 first and then the same lesson topics with more difficult text and activities for grades 5-8. They can be used together in small congregations, or for just one age group. Barbara Hanna wrote the lessons and activities for the younger children in the first few books. Then Lisa Smith began helping create activities for the younger children and wrote some of the lesson texts. John K. Wills wrote all of the lesson texts and activities for grades 5-8. The first fifteen sets of 13 lessons each were published in book format, and are also available on CDs and downloads. The 16th set of 13 lessons will only be published as a CD and download. When the books are sold they will not be reprinted. As you place your order from the web site you will know if a book is no longer available because you will not be able to choose it as your desired format. Some of the books should remain in stock a few years, and others may be depleted in a year or less. The CD could easily be printed out for you by another church member or you could take it to a printer such as Staples or Office Depot and they would be able to print the documents for you. The master copy could be saved as you print copies of the pages you need for your students.

Bible Boot Camp 1:  Basic Training, by Bonnie Gary and B. Hanna


Bible Boot Camp 2:  A Few Good Men, by Bonnie Gary, Edited by B. Hanna

Teen Lesson Books & Bible Riddles in Rhyme, by John K. Wills

Teens Overcoming Trials, by John K. Wills

Teens face many trials in our society.  They will be fortified to stand strong and remain faithful to God as they study this book.  Whether they have lost a close loved one or are suffering for other reasons, they need to read Teens Overcoming Trials.  Although this book has been published primarily for personal study, it may also be used in a classroom setting.

JOY IN THE MORNING: Overcoming Grief and Trials, by B. Hanna

Trials come into our lives whether or not we are Christians.  Some trials are easier to overcome, while others seem insurmountable.  After the death of her daughter, Angie, Mrs. Hanna decided to write a book to reach out to people who are also facing difficult times.  It is her goal to help you discover, with the help of God's Word, how you can travel on the journey from sorrow to joy in the morning. 

Free Speech and Article

LADIES' DAY SPEECH - Download or listen to Mrs. Hanna's presentation at the Eisenhower church of Christ in Odessa, TX, at the Ladies' Day on September 11, 2010.  The topic was Joy In the Morning Click here to learn more.

A MOTHER'S MEMORIES is the subtitle of an article by Patricia A. Wills, describing the extremely difficult time she went through as her son Mark suffered and died. Those who have undergone a similar situation will be comforted to know that although this devoted woman, the wife of John K. Wills, suffered as deeply as they have, she remained a strong faithful Christian.  John's experience with loss is described briefly in an appendix to JOY IN THE MORNING, which may be purchased at this web site.  Pat's article, LOVING YOUR CHILD: A Mother's Memories, may be downloaded free of charge to read and share by clicking here.








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